2006 CSLA/CELA Conference: Shifting Ground Evaluation Form

Your feedback is important to us. Please complete the attached Conference Evaluation Form and return it to the Conference office by July 31, 2006. The information recorded will be kept confidential and used to help plan future conferences. The form is also available online at http://www.bcsla.org/pdf.htm/SGevaluation.pdf.

Urbanism. Environmentalism. Consumerism. Globalization. Poverty. Urban decay. Today’s world is continually undergoing massive changes and reconfigurations. The urban landscape must accommodate commercial and residential needs, transportation requirements, diverse ethnicities, leisure spaces and so much more. Our increasingly pluralistic societies have countless crossovers and what was acceptable yesterday is untenable today. We require spaces to live and breathe and connect not only with nature, but with ourselves.

What is the role of landscape architecture during this age of the New Normal? How do we provide solutions as professionals or equip those who are about to enter the field? The issues are daunting, but our role has never been more clearly defined. Quite simply, we have the power to design better urban environments. Ones which acknowledge and respond to the demands and requirements of our complex societies.

Shifting Ground, the CSLA/CELA 2006 Conference, will provide a forum for landscape architects, educators and students to share ideas, experiences, knowledge, influences and solutions. The World Planners Congress and the RAIC 2006 Festival of Architecture will also take place ahead of the United Nations World Urban Forum (Habitat +30), providing additional opportunities to interact with members of similarly influential disciplines from around the world.

Bring your thoughts and ideas to Shifting Ground, in Vancouver, June 2006, to speculate, challenge, envision and ultimately create new landscapes in the age of the New Normal.