Eriks Eglite, Senior Site Planner - Cynthia Girling, Senior Landscape Architect & the Landscape Collaborative:

Don Vaughan - Claude Muret - Vaughan Durante Ltd. - The Pacific Landplan Collaborative Ltd. - Jeffrey J. Philips Consultants Ltd. - Vagelatos Associates Landscape Architecture Ltd. - Pavelek & Associates Landscape/Interior Architects Ltd. - Diamond, Guzzi, Perry, Wuori - Eikos Group Inc. - William Harrison - John Lantzius - Cornelia Hahn Oberlander - Ron Rule

The landscape plan for Expo 86 provided an elegant, unified stage for the festivities, with a wheel motif that suggested perpetual motion, and related the two major pedestrian boulevards to a series of theme plazas. Expo 86 celebrated transportation and communications, and the landscape architectural design was made possible by an ambitious collaboration that resulted in the development of 72 hectares of city land in less than three years.

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