800 Benvenuto Avenue, Brentwood Bay, BC

Jennie Butchart with Isaburo Kishida, Butler S. Sturtevant, Samuel Maclure, William Westby, and Raoul Robillard - 1904 to 1925

When it became apparent her husband's quarry and cement plant would be closed, Jennie Butchart began to develop the 3.5 acre site as the Sunken Garden. With the assistance and guidance of gardener William Westby, the former mine was soon transformed. Meanwhile, Mrs. Butchart engaged Japanese landscape architect Isaburo Kishida to design an elegant promenade garden. And in the late 1920’s American landscape architect Butler Sturtevant created the Rose Garden. The Butchart Gardens were designated as a National Historic Site in 2004.

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Butchart Gardens